English version: From sleep paralysis to temporal lobe epilepsy or complex partial seizure

English version

Hey, how are you? Here I am talking about a very delicate subject, but I couldn’t help dealing with the blog for two reasons:

1- It is a way to organize the information I have about my condition.

2- Writings are eternal, and I like to have thoughts and experiences gathered somewhere, it gives a feeling of transcendence.

Before continuing, it is important to say that this is not an article, actually, I did not insist on putting fonts here so as not to appear, and also because I used, N fonts, 7 or 10 more or less.

What I thought I had

Sleep paralysis, here we see the harms of self diagnosis, I was always sooooo curious, so after reading a lot and seeing that there were similarities, in fact all, presume the diagnosis, below I will leave the link to see the post I made about it but I I really don’t know to what extent it will be valid, at the time I did it I did a lot of research and if it led me to believe some untrue information was not intentional, not least because I believed it, that I had it.


What I really have

Complex partial seizure crisis or temporal lobe epilepsy both understood after days of reading about it, are synonymous.

Before writing the post I made sure the difference between seizure and epilepsy, seizure is when there are one or two episodes during life, or a long period of time, as I have the symptoms that I will have since 11 years old (I am 21 years old), logically, more than two episodes are characterized as epilepsy.

I forgot to put at the beginning of the blog that after the mistake of diagnosing myself with sleep paralysis, because of 3 months with headaches that incessant, I was diagnosed by a great neuro with complex partial crisis.

Origin of the term


(Epi = from above) and (lepsem = slaughter) originating in Greek, there is something like “something that comes from above and slaughtering people” had and unfortunately has at least for some ignorant people, mystical or religious meaning or participation, as if it were a “demonic” manifestation.

Definition googlestica (from google)

A disease in which there is disturbance in the activity of nerve cells in the brain, causing seizures. Epilepsy can occur as a result of a genetic disorder or acquired brain injury, such as trauma or stroke. During a seizure, the person behaves, abnormal symptoms and sensations, sometimes including loss of consciousness. There are few symptoms between episodes of seizure. Epilepsy is usually treated with medication and, in some cases, surgery, devices or dietary changes.

Symptoms of my condition

Complex partial crises, as the name suggests they are heterogeneous, so it can have the most varied symptoms, and are accompanied by partial loss of consciousness, as in my case, but not total, the notion of reality is distorted, but not canceled. Once again I am emphatic, the crisis may have different symptoms depending on the person, some are common, some patterns are repeated, others are not.

  • It appears at the end of the first decade and the beginning of the second (mine started at 11 years old).
  • It has as one of the main genetic causes, congenital malformation, head trauma (I suffered a fall of stairs when I was 2 years old, probable cause of the seizure).
  • Visual, auditory, feelings of hyper-reality hallucinations , feelings of deja vu, this in up to 90% of cases. (I have).
  • Gastric discomfort (I have too).
  • Chewing movement (I have).
  • Bad memory (I have).
  • At the end of the crisis, be a little stunned (I have).
  • tingling, and or numbness in limbs (I have)
  • Very intense headaches, almost unbearable (I have)

But fael, I’ve known you for years and I’ve never seen you having these crises, falling on the floor and drooling and struggling… luckily, my crises are related in some way to sleep, so hallucinations are pre or post sleep and are crises of absence, so i don’t struggle or anything, my body just shuts down, or rather the consciousness generally wakes up, and the body remains off, then my brain… central nervous system, I have visual, auditory, sensory hallucinations, like pleasure, pain, fear, or apathy, that mold according to what I think, or sometimes i don’t control them.

I feel better for knowing what I have, a treatment that has helped a lot, the goal is to heal crises to improve quality of life.

In 1/3 of the cases there is progressive cognitive deficit, it is to hope that I am not among that one third.

The medications have been effective, but everything is very new, you have to wait and see how this novel unfolds.

So, that’s all folks, until next time.

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